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It was on the 3rd December 2012
First of all, visit of "Jugendwerkstatt frohe zukunft", which is an organization located in Halle ...
(Halle is located in the state of which Saxe Anhalt Magdeburg is the capital and it is almost 92 km away from Magdeburg and an hour's drive in the train).
Arriving on the spot, we met our guide who mastered the Arabic language and the visit started with a training workshop for young unemployed who are always searching for a job.
Young people are divided into different groups and each unit has a specialized in a field defined such as: development and design, carpentry...
The group poses for souvenir.
These young participate in training programs according to a political diary, and addressed on the places according to a sort specialized for a well determined period and whose purpose is to recognize the professional environment and social integration.
The group poses for souvenir The works produced by these young people will be taken by the municipality for a non lucrative goal and at the end of this training the young people will have diplomas testifying their participations.
Second was the visit of nursery provided by the same association.
This nursery is divided into several departments according to the age and type of education and also offers several services.
Education classes are divided according to age (0-6 months & 6 months to 3 years and 3 years to 6 years) and within these classes there are different groups supervised by trainers who manage the needs of children.
The trainers have a huge role in encouraging children to only take initiatives and only fend for themselves without the help of others.
Among the other services proposed by the nursery one notes: spaces game, kitchen, learning languages in addition to German language such as the French and the Spanish language.
The services offered by this nursery are paid and one notes that this nursery receives sponsorship from a few large companies. Thirdly, the guide brought us together to better present his organization and the various fields of action.
Fourthly, it was a walking tour to Halle. There we found another part of the city that was devastated practically of all that internal population. People flee this city due to the emancipation of these problems; this city was very famous by the drug dealers, the sex, the unemployment…
And in the framework of positive renewal and to promise a new identity more harmonious, a team of talented young people have launched a major attractive initiative and promising to change the old image of the city to a more modern one.
The project was to make large painting on the surface of the devastated buildings, sustained by great artists and with the assistance of the municipality in the administrative procedure and with the cooperation of the owners of these buildings, this was the boom. The city became a true Paradise.
We had the chance to explore this city with one of its founders and also enjoy its beauty.
Fifth was the visit of “Auslandsgesellschaft » which is another organization in Halle with the following areas:
  • Work training for political evolution of ecological and social sustainability within Eine Welt.
  • Better understanding between people of different cultures or religions.
  • Support and advice of migrants as well as political lobbying in the sphere of protection of refugees, immigrants and integration.
Sixthly, it was a walk in the city, another game in the meantime we were asked to answer some questions related to existing monument.
(I still doubt but I fear that no one was able to answer these questions).
Finally, the best time for most of us was the dinner at a local restaurant with fish as a main dish and in the way back to Magdeburg we didn’t stop chatting and discussing topics together.
Written by Mohamed JAAFAR et Mohamed GHANMI, Tunisia.

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