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SENSE Social Entrepreneurship and Social media for youth Employability”

Place and Dates for the TC: Palermo (Italy) from the 6th (arrival day) to the 14th (departure day) of June 2015.



  • Social entrepreneurship as a new trend in response to youth unemployment,

  • Social media potential and practical use to boost employability, as a tool for employment and in promotion of social enterprise,

  • Exchange of good practices, tools among EuroMed countries in the area of youth work, social entrepreneurship and social media usage.

Project description:

TC “SENSE” is planned as a 8-days training course with participants from European Union and South Mediterranean partner countries. It will involve 40 participants from EU and Southern Mediterranean countries, and it will be implemented in Palermo, Italy, from the 6th (arrival day) to the 14th (departure day) of June 2015.

The TC aims to give inspiration, tools and new methodologies to youth workers by providing ideas on how to create a social business and bring a positive impact on society, ensuring social inclusion and economic development through social entrepreneurship, as well as exploiting and exploring the opportunities offered by social media in promotion of their own social enterprise, as well as give knowledge on the use of social media in getting employed. Participants will learn about social entrepreneurship and its value, and will acquire new skills through an innovative methodology combining non-formal activities and practical training using virtual tools.

Through the exchange of good practices and case studies among the participants from EU and South Mediterranean countries, the participants will learn how to encourage and promote social entrepreneurship initiatives among young people in their local communities. The training course will also allow participants to establish networks for further joint collaboration.


  • Promote and encourage social entrepreneurship as a response to youth unemployment,

  • Raise awareness about opportunities offered by social networks to facilitate the employability and to promote own social business,

  • Provide youth workers with new tools and innovative methodologies, to be transferred to youth in their local communities,

  • Exchange best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship and use of social media in Euromed countries,

  • Foster the intercultural, intergenerational dialogue and understanding, economic development and social inclusion of youth,

  • Deeper knowledge about European programmes and funding opportunities for youth and social entrepreneurs for the EuroMed area,

  • Foster the establishment of new networks at Euro-Med level.

Main Activities:

  • Workshops on Social entrepreneurship: development of social business idea,

  • Virtual lab: building professional profiles and promoting social business through social media,

  • Information sessions and exchange of good practices and case studies,

  • Use of new tools and methodologies in the work of youth in the field of social entrepreneurship, social media, non-formal education, digital skills, etc...

  • Networking space to develop further joint collaboration,

  • Follow-up activities.

Final Results:

  • Increased knowledge, skills in the field of the social entrepreneurship to be transferred onto the young unemployed young people in local communities,

  • Enhanced sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in young people,

  • Better awareness of the opportunities offered by social networks as tools to facilitate employability and promote own business enterprise,

  • Acquisition of new non-formal tools and innovative methodologies, to be transferred to youth in local communities,

  • Increased knowledge about European programmes and funding opportunities for youth and social entrepreneurs for the EuroMed area,

  • Establishment of new networks at EuroMed level.

Participant's profile:

  • Youth workers.

  • Project leaders.

  • Youth and career advisers and other professionals working for or with young people (without age limit).

Thank you for your interest by mail with a copy of your upper valid passport valid 3 months to the length of stay, Friday, April 22, 2015 last time.


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