Projets réalisés

Projets réalisés


CREATIVE Production In Social Enterprises; for Migrants and Asylum seekers - (from November 2018 to October 2020).

CREATIVE PRISMA project addresses the horizontal priority of social inclusion. It targets migrants and refugees or asylum seekers with the aim of training them until they acquire skills in the third sector (non-public, non-private sector).


Training Course “Journey To Peace”: Berlin, Germany - (on October 2018).

Journey to Peace is a Training Course involving youth workers from different countries.


Youth Exchange “A Tune of Peace”: Municipality of Uri (Cagliari), Italy - (on August 2016).

This project aims at empowering participants to actively make a difference in dealing with the challenging undertaking of the worldwide situation where violence occurs in a big amount nowadays, the School has decided to celebrate the peace and the solidarity among youngsters with an ambitious youth mobility project in Italy.


The Mediterranean Academy for Youth “Youth Acts, Community Impacts”: Assilah, Morocco - (on August 2016).

The Mediterranean Youth Forum has put in place a new concept which is specific to it to draw the utility of its existence and to make it a basis of the working strategy with which we conceive all our projects in the youth field;


Learning programme “Youthful Europe”: South Mediterranean edition; Training Course: Hammamet, Tunisia - (on April 2016).

The learning programme “Youthful Europe” is an initiative of the Austrian, German and Polish National Agencies for the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme and the three regional SALTO Centers (SEE, EECA and Euromed) responding to a need to provide perspectives for addressing the European dimension in youth work and to promote the empowerment of young people taking an active role in envisaging future Europe.


‘’Find oursel-EVS'' Training Course: by EVS projects – Cazall Intercultural Lorca, Región de Murcia, Spain - (on October 2015).

The project brought together 25 youth workers and EVS mentors from Egypt, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Romania, Morocco, Italy, Jordan, Macedonia, Tunisia and Spain.


''Dare to Change!'', by Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo-CEIPES, in Palermo/Italy - (on July 2015).

The objectives of the project are:

i) To develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences in social entrepreneurship,

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