TOURBiNE Project ! "Crash Course in Heritage Interpretation"

Heritage Interpretation


Join Our TOURBiNE "Crash Course in Heritage Interpretation" This September! Tailored for NEETs! Unlock Opportunities in the Tourism Sector!

Are you passionate about preserving and sharing our cultural heritage? Don't miss out on our exciting opportunity!

Introducing the "Crash Course in Heritage Interpretation" - specifically designed for NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). This is your ticket to essential knowledge and skills in the world of heritage interpretation.



Course Highlights:


  • Interpretation Basics - Grasp the fundamental concepts.
  • Significance Assessment - Learn how to assess cultural heritage resources.
  • Experience Design - Plan engaging interpretive products.
  • Experience Delivery - Master the art of creating memorable heritage experiences.

Course Materials:

  • Access digital media materials.
  • Each module is accompanied by a detailed Study Guide.
  • Evaluate your progress with self-evaluation materials.

Course Goal:

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to transform heritage resources into visitor-friendly, authentic attractions that stay relevant in the market.

Ready to embark on this heritage journey? Enroll now and be a part of preserving our rich cultural legacy!



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