Tunisia Multilevel Actors Workshop 24th May, 2023


The TOURBiNE project, led by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and funded under the Erasmus+ (ERASMUS+ YOUTH-2022-CB) Capacity Building Projects, aims to train young people with basic competences and digital skills in the tourism sector.

The TOURBiNE project aims to support young people with fewer opportunities (Not in Education, Employment or Training - NEET) to develop an entrepreneurial mindset with transversal key competences and digital skills to secure (only) employment through community tourism. It is supported by the European Commission from Brussels through the Erasmus+ program (ERASMUS+ YOUTH-2022-CB). Within the scope of this project, five multilevel actors workshops were organised by Konya Metropolitan Municipality (Türkiye), PADIL (Tunisia), MLV (Bosnia and Herzegovina), MIHI (Egypt) and JYIF (Jordan) in May, 2023.

Tunisia PADIL Multilevel Actors Workshop : Metline May 24th, 2023

The TOURBiNE Multilevel Actors Workshop, held on 24th May 2023 at ''Du côté de chez les blili's in Metline'', aimed to address key objectives related to the tourism sector and NEET communities. The workshop focused on identifying the specific needs of the tourism industry, particularly in terms of skills, knowledge, and resources required for its success.

By gathering and analyzing the answers and perspectives shared by participants from various stakeholders, this report provides valuable insights into different aspects of the tourism industry. It offers suggestions for improvement and presents a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, needs, and potential changes in the sector.

The findings of this workshop contribute to shaping the future of the tourism industry and addressing the employment challenges faced by NEET communities. The report serves as a valuable resource for decision-makers, policymakers, and industry professionals in their efforts to foster sustainable and inclusive growth in the tourism sector while addressing the specific needs of NEET communities.

This research report offers valuable insights that can guide decision-making, policy development, and the implementation of strategies aimed at fostering sustainable and inclusive growth in the tourism sector. The workshop served as a platform for multilevel actors, including policymakers, industry experts, and representatives from academia and civil society, to come together and exchange knowledge and perspectives. This collaborative environment facilitated a comprehensive analysis of the skills needed for success in the tourism industry and provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to contribute their expertise. The findings and recommendations presented in this report hold significant relevance for these multilevel actors, offering practical guidance and evidence-based insights to inform their efforts in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth within the tourism sector.


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